FS Garden Furniture

Roma parasol

£459 £499
2-7 days delivery.

New for 2024. This is our "state of the art" overhanging parasol.  The canopy size is 3metre x 3metre and there are two choices of canopy colour, off white or Khaki. It includes LED lights on the ribs of the frame as well as a central light.
Included is a USB charging unit which is attached to the frame. The parasol has multiple tilt positions and it can be rotated through 360 degrees. Included is a water or sand-filled parasol base on wheels weighing 180kgs when full. This is more than enough weight to hold the parasol against most wind strengths. We include a weatherproof cover to protect your parasol and prolong the life of the canopy.
Warning. Do not leave this parasol unattended with the canopy open. A change in wind strength could cause damage or breakage. 

Protective Weatherproof Cover Included
Water or sand filled parasol base Included
Delivery to Northern Ireland No

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