Interior Design Ideas for Small Rooms

Even small rooms can be cosy spatial wonders that invite you to linger and feel good. You just have to know what to do to get the most out of your space. Our five tips show you what is important when furnishing small rooms, how to use the space effectively and give your room an individual touch.

Multifunctional Furniture

Most importantly - think functionality when decorating small living spaces! Invest in furniture that you can move, reposition and use for multiple purposes in an instant. Since you only need a few pieces of furniture, you can invest in classic and timeless designer pieces without hurting your wallet. 


Poufs are our all time favorite furniture additions: Poufs give a comfy and relaxed vibe to any room, and can be used as footstools, or make additional seating when you have visitors. In combination with the perfectly sized tray, poufs can be transformed into couch or bedside tables. Simply decorate with cosy candles and fresh flowers to make your favorite footstool the highlight of your room. 



Choose a colour concept 

As we all know, small spaces feel cluttered quickly and a good way to avoid this is sticking to a harmonious colour concept. As a helpful guide, remember that cooler tones feel less obtrusive and create depth visually, while warmer colours are a quick way to make spaces feel cosy. To bring a small room to full bloom and make it look more spacious, we recommend light shades as a base colour. 

Home textiles

Besides the choice of wallcolour, home textiles like blankets, bedding and curtains cover the largest areas of your home interior, and are thus an important aspect of your interior design scheme. Use textiles that complement the main colors of the room to create cosiness and ambience.


The lighting

In small rooms, different lights can work wonders. With the right lighting, you can make even the smallest room shine. It is best to integrate several smaller light sources in your room. This will create a cosy and harmonious atmosphere.



The perfect rug for small rooms

The right choice of rug can be vital to any interior design decision. Small rugs can divide the room in different sections, while large rugs can tie a room together and create a coherent feel. The colour and pattern of a rug can add to an interior design scheme in meaningful ways as well.

Create Calm with Light and Monochrome Rugs

If you prefer a serene and calming look to your spaces, we suggest opting for light and monochrome coloured rugs. Soft colors are particularly understated and may make your room look larger. Styles that fit in perfectly with the rest of your interior and blend seamlessly with it will make your room look uncluttered and coherent.

Create Highlights with Eye-catching Rugs

Statement rugs are what we call pieces with a bright base colour or an interesting pattern. In the right setting, a statement rug can function as a decorative element without wasting extra space and create a real highlight in the room. 

Set decorative highlights

Home accessories and decorative accents are a wonderful tool to bring life and individuality to your room. Vases, cushions and decor objects quickly bring a breath of fresh air to your space and are easy on your wallet too. 

Home decor

Here are some clever ideas for choosing home decor for small spaces: Decorative elements such as vases made of glass reflect light and make rooms feel more airy. Mirrors are particularly practical decor items, because they make spaces feel larger. Baskets are both stylish and handy, as they add extra storage space.