Season Highlights - Clever Storage Pieces

Decor inspiration for storage baskets and plantersWith the warmer season around the corner, we are welcoming the brighter days and a time for refresh and renewal in our living spaces. Here is some inspiration for making space for the new things ahead with these highlights from our storage collection.

Made from natural material, these Shengo baskets will make your space feel laid-back and relaxed. They're perfect for creating more storage options, and make beautiful plant pots.

Our SHENGO BASKETS make a wonderful and versatile addition to your space this season. Made from natural rattan and quite large in size, they make the ideal storage containers for blankets and throws. Used with plastic liners they make a great vessel for your indoor plants. The unique shape and intricate but simple weave make them blend in seamlessly with many décor style.  

The RALA MIRROR is fullfills all requirements of function and form by combining a round vanity mirror with a practical shelf. An aesthetic and uselful companion to your interior design efforts that can host flowers in an entry way, as well as fragrant candles in the dressing room.