Styling a Neutral Christmas Interior

This season is all about emphasizing the simple pleasures of life - how else would we get through winter. Follow our inspiration for creating a hygge space this Christmas season.

A neutral Christmas decor palette creates an abundance of possiblities. While the days become darker during November, white and beige decoration gathers natural light in small nooks of your home that would normally feel gloomy. 

Filling these corners with texture, ambience and scents is a great way to connect to the outside while staying in. Set decorative bowls on coffee and console tables with fragrant and colorful potpourri to enchant multiple senses. Add candles and fairy lighting to create ambient and dreamy still-lifes.

Next, gather all that is cozy and soft - set the stage for a chunky knit blankets,  plush velvet cushions, and soft sheepskin rugs. The motto is: indulge! Allow yourself small luxuries for home decor as well.  

Finally, dont forget the floors - shaggy wool rugs will add a sense of luxury underfoot and create a grounded, cohesive space.