Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Home for Spring

This year our spring home ideas are designed to bring a breath of fresh air to your home design. While we take you through the trends that enchant us most, use the design inspiration to enhance your family life and tailor it to express your own personal style.

The spring season 2022 is about a playful mindset and a dedication to the things you love. Here are our decorating ideas that are all about creating homes according to your own sense of belonging. 

Invite Nature to the Table

This season, we  are looking ahead to lighter, brighter days and take every opportunity to celebrate the shapes, materials and shades of the natural world outside our windows. For decor lovers, nature is full of inspiration and can add new ideas to our spring pallette.

Bring in the budding branches and early bloomers: our extensive collection of vases and jars will help you with endless inspiration of creating the perfect spring scenes in your home. 

A Fresh Colour Palette

In interior design, colours are an easy way to infuse some energy into any space, rejuvenate the senses and give expression to personal style. While we are all in love with neutral decorating schemes, one of our favorite ways to welcome the season is in adding dabs of colour around the house. Pairing different hues in unexpected ways creates an eclectic and spirited atmosphere in any home. 


Botanical Decor

This spring, flowers and plants are playing a significant role as we concentrate more on personal harmony and well-being within our homes and lives. In interior design, floral patterns are a great way to re-establish a connection to nature after a winter season. Putting florals at the heart of your home decor scheme will help to create lively rooms full of personality. Find more inspiration here.